Friday, October 11, 2019

Succession of Biya: France begins a procedure of mutual agreement

During a Serge Alain Ntone televised debate on Equinoxe evening, a MRC executive surprised the listeners by taking a favorable position on a member of the government, the Minister of State responsible for justice keeps the seals.

This position of Angelbert Lebon Datchoua raised suspicions about probable betrayals while the MRC is stuck in a judicial masquerade questioning the inconsistencies of the ministerial department of the one that certain Internet users have qualified after the passage to equinox of spiritual father of Angelbert Lebon Datchoua.

After analyzing the second degree and cross-referencing of information, it appears that Angelbert Lebon Datchoua through his remarks has shown a political maturity by avoiding playing the game of those who would be called executioners of the people in the battle of succession that is played within the seraglio.

The Battle of Succession 

Cameroon is today at the heart of a succession battle for control of power after Biya. Maurice Kamto appears here as potential future leader of Cameroon in a democratic and republican environment. Winner of the 2018 presidential election, although his victory was diverted by the Constitutional Council in favor of 86-year-old candidate Paul Biya, who has been in power for 37 years. The conviction on the victory of Maurice Kamto is based on several observations "When we win an election with more than 71% of votes, we do not hesitate to present the evidence or go to the re-counting, Paul Biya has was declared the winner on the basis of unsigned PV, the serious polls conducted before the vote was very far from confirming these results, "said a political analyst residing in Pretoria.

Maurice Kamto is supported by a coalition of political parties and civil society increasingly .... Since the arrest of his party's executive board and several leaders of his coalition, the MRC political party Kamto continues to win in supporters.

When you plant the dry point of the compass in Cameroon and you draw concentric circles on the African continent, then the strategic position of the country obviously falls before your eyes. Who can do it the least: this position also appears in relation to the Gulf of Guinea. And it also appears that Cameroon, a bilingual country, is actually at the crossroads of West and Central Africa, and even French and English, a particularly privileged position in geopolitics. The hypercentralization of power seems to be the architecture of the country for France, which makes it easy to control our wealth, or to control our countries.

In a federal or decentralized Canadian model, "To exploit Bakassi's oil, France will have to negotiate with the Southwest and not Yaounde. Whereas for Eastern Wood, it would be with the Eastern Region, and so on. The central authority would intervene only for internal management in relation to the breakdown of income paid to it from the source regions by equalization for the other regions. Note that it would be much more difficult through these mechanisms to operate on the part of France, compared to the present architecture where it manages to place and support vaille k vaille a man who is servile to desire and decides to its very high position and just as far from the concerns of the people ... "The analyst continues before moving on

"The hypercentralization is so flawed that the officials take over these flaws on their behalf and reproduce them step by step. Thus, they yield just as easily to our wealth without returning to suffer consequences. This makes them irresponsible at very high levels of decision-making and engaging entire communities, even the country. He will say.

It therefore appears naturally advantageous for the French leaders and in an unsustainable vision to support and want to maintain this model and to obtain the troubled game of France

The troubled game of France in French-speaking Africa in general and in particular in Cameroon with a kind of split between speech and deeds so better related to this prism

After the black-out of France on the genocide in the English-speaking region and human rights violations during the outbreak of the post-electoral crisis, France has begun the process of OTC succession in Cameroon. The choice of Paris according to some personalities close to power would be Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh who would control most of the repressive apparatus of the state of Cameroon. "This is the French secular logic that made Amadou Ahidjo in his time President of Cameroon and organized his succession by Paul Biya ... Make a man out of nowhere a president who will return them in multiple, and the SGPR responds well to this profile belonging to an insignificant and relatively placid minority ... The occasion making the thief, and with the assistance of the French advisers to the presidency of the republic,

For part of the Cameroonian press favorable to the minister, "Never in the history of Cameroon, a Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic has been so vilified, slandered, denigrated as Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh. "

His henchmen

In this game he allied services good English, AT Nji to which France 24, a French state-run media has given the opportunity to contradict the bad English Premier Ngute Dion. MINAT being part of the rare English-speaking species that believes that federalism is bad for self-serving reasons.

Special guest of France 24, he had then contradicted the words of his boss, Prime Minister Prime Minister Dion Nguté who announced a dialogue on the form of the state. In the cozy halls of Yaoundé, everyone is now unanimous, it is the general secretariat of the presidency that runs the country.

While some of the regime's pundits have accepted the transfer of power by mutual agreement by France, several caciques prefer to take a step back especially in the face of the management of the Anglophone crisis that is already attacking the other country regions. On August 9, the Minister of Territorial Administration attacks the press and threatened to put it in order, this reaction reflects the dismissal of the Minister of Communication René Emmanuel Sadi who must answer a question. complaint filed by Maurice Kamto in Paris for false accusations.

After the attacks on Laurent Esso following a mutiny in Kondengui prison, Engelbert Lebon Datchoua avoided getting into this battle within the regime.

In advising the arrest of Maurice Kamto, the directory and the coalition, France intended to divert the debate of the holdup, but on the release of the prisoners, a ploy quickly perceived by the coalition.

France fiercely opposed to inclusive dialogue on the form of the state. 

France is therefore at the heart of the process of political transition in Cameroon, fiercely opposed to the process of decentralization or empowerment of the regions and would opt for a transition by mutual agreement while having control over the wealth of the country. Regardless of the AU's decision on post-electoral disputes, France will push the regime towards confrontation.

Tibor Nagy's allusion to Vietnam is fraught with meaning. France In fact, the US minister, in a subliminal language, said that Cameroon could get away with it in a long-running war against France, if it is determined.

In the letter made public by the group of French lawyers in the coalition with the address Le Drian boss of the Quai d'Orsay, several analysts believe that this is a warning about the consequences of the policy dictated by the Elysee in Cameroon.

Unlike the Ivory Coast, in Cameroon French products have an alternative and it is urgent for Cameroonians to launch an economic boycott against France. This means that the peace operation that France intends to undertake after its next genocide by proxy will not be a victory, if it encounters a determined opposition.

"France has not learned the lesson of Rwanda, and France Africa will eventually bury his navel in Cameroon. "Concludes a Cameroonian political analyst.