Saturday, October 12, 2019

Serious casualties as pro and anti-Biya clashes in Lyon

One of the victims of the clashes

During an official visit to France, President Paul Biya is in charge of the SDLP, which is a service of the French National Police, responsible among other things for the security of official visits to France.

Thus, it is under very high surveillance that the Cameroonian president, Paul Biya, target of some groups of protesters, stays in the city of Lyon since October 08, 2019 for the sixth replenishment conference of the Global Fund to fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

On this occasion, the Lyon City Hall, where the activities of the Pandemic Summit and the temporary residence of Paul Biya took place from October 9 to October 10, were transformed into a trench camp, places completely closed by elements of law enforcement.

Despite this maximum security, the Cameroonian opponents of the diaspora, came in number to protest against the presence of Paul Biya in France. "We are here in Lyon to ask the French to send dictator Paul Biya home to Cameroon. You are not ashamed to protect a bedridden murderer? We ask Emmanuel Macron to stop receiving criminals, the genocidaires "claimed some leaders of the protest in front of the Lyon City Hall and then in front of the residence of the Cameroonian head of state, waving banners with hostile messages to the Yaoundé regime.
At one point, the police had to fire tear gas to keep the agitated demonstrators away.

But it was during the disputes between the tontinards (anti-Biya) and sardinards (pro-Biya) that some demonstrators were injured or abused.  A certain Billy, a supporter of the Renewal man in power for 37 years, gave a very strong slap to a protester who ended up on the ground.  Another opposition activist, nicknamed Savona Savana, gets away with a broken leg.

"Remember that it was the sardinards who hit this amazon.  We will avenge ourselves, the fight continues "reacted one of the leaders of the Amazons, in a video posted on the web.

Before  meeting for the rest of the demonstrations "until the return of Paul Biya in Cameroon", the French branch of the anti-sardinards Brigade, published on its facebook page, a report of the local television channel BFM on the demonstration of this Thursday in Lyon. "Target achieved" welcomes the protesters.