Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Sangmélima: Anger rises among the locals of the village of Paul Biya

Minister Jacques Fame Ndongo was last Friday in Samgmélima, where he took part in a working meeting with the leaders of the Bamoun community, and the leaders of other communities like the Hausa, and Bamileke, victims of the attacks of the indigenous peoples.

During his speech, we learn from the daily Le Jour, No. 3029, Jacques Fame Ndongo, Minister of State and elite of the South region, to try to appease angry people, asked them it is normal that the troubles come from the village of the head of state. Response of the crowd in heart, "yes !!!! We are suffering. We are out of work, are we going to send our children to university without money? ".

Then, when the same member of the government speaks again to try to persuade the people, he is stopped by a sudden cut of electricity. The microphone no longer works for lack of electrical energy, notes the newspaper.

People are starting to leave the room. It's heckling. Some observing that it is good that these elites live the hell of power cuts here in Sangmélima even though one of them, namely the Head of State is in power.