Thursday, October 10, 2019

Préfectoral: meet the women named by Paul Biya

Two women are among the 56 prefects of Cameroon. Antoinette Justine Zongo, nee Nyambone, formerly prefect of the Koung-Khi department in the western region, is the new head of land in the Mefou-et-Akono department, central region. She replaces Bouba Haman. First lady prefect in Cameroon since 2012, she says she feels no apprehension about this new challenge that is his since the announcement of his transfer. Mother of five Antoinette Justine Zongo, intends to apply her miracle cure: "work and nothing but work". This product of the Normal School of Administration and Judiciary (Enam) was, inter alia, sub-prefect of the district of Ngoumou, in the department of Mefou-et-Akono, and first deputy prefectural Edéa in the Sanaga-maritime.

The second woman prefect concerned by the redeployment carried out by Paul Biya is Rachel Ngazang Akono. Her first position as a prefect was in May 2017. Her command place has changed and she will now be in the Kadey department, Eastern Region. "I joined the Territorial Command on 23 August 2004 as the 2nd Deputy Prefect of Yaounde. It was in October 2012 that, by presidential decree, I was appointed secretary general of the services of the Governor of the Eastern Region. Before being sub-prefect of the Arrondissement of Yaoundé 7th, in the department of Mfoundi, Center region, then prefect ", she testifies.

Beside these two women, there are 15 others occupying the posts of sub-prefect. Some have been kept in office by the presidential decree, while others have been transferred. The case of Keja Colle Featum Lolo, sub-prefect of the district of Lobo, previously deputy to the sub-prefect of Yaoundé 4een replacing Jean-de-Goncourt Nyebel. In Monatélé, Flora Liliane Tchuente Tsemo Atangana replaces Adeline Claude Sop Mote, who is transferred.

In the district of Kiiki, department of Mbam-and-Inoubou, the baton of command returns to Grace Renée Messe Medjo Essono, chief administrative secretary, previously Sub-prefect of the Arrondissement of Bikok to replace André Nnang Nnang called to other functions. Chantal Sylvie Lombo, she succeeds Laurent Ayissi Mvogo, in the district of Kom-Yambeta. In Makenene Julie Arlette Ewodo takes the reins of the constituency in place of M Voundi Elanga transferred.

In Ayos, the power returns to Sandrine Mireille Ngo Mbey, while Valerie Nadine Afane Zo'obo Foumane orders Mengang. In the department of Kadey, one of the four districts is headed by Angèle Maïwola Ngon in Mpon. It covers the district of Batouri, while Gwladys Josseline Tchounang Foussa Ngapa is sub-prefect of the district of Ndiang in Lom-et-Djerem.

In the northern region of Mayo-Louti, honor is given to Adda Souratou Soureya to lead the district of Figuil. Regina Enjoh Banja, head of Bandja constituency in Western Region, Upper Nkam Department. In the Southern region, Department of the Ocean, Marie Suzanne Bitanga Bebga, is territorially competent in Kribi 2nd. The fairer sex is represented in Limbe 3rd in the Fako, by Verklin Epolewane Mbua, civil administrator, previously sub-prefect of Kumba district 3rd.