Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Political crisis: Maurice Kamto call down the military option, pleads for the release of Ayuk Tabe and the others

The opponent Maurice Kamto was this morning the RFI Africa Guest. He mentioned several topics including the steps to be taken for the return of peace in Cameroon. For the president of the MRC, it is essential to involve leaders of armed groups.

"I have the deep feeling that as long as the dialogue to resolve the multifaceted crises that affect our country, for the part of the Anglophone crisis, does not involve the leaders of the federalist, separatist or any other armed groups. want, directly in the negotiations on the form of the state, we will not have a lasting peace in these regions, "he launched on the airwaves of the world radio.

Maurice Kamto does not believe in the military option, at best it can calm the crisis but will not settle it definitively. "The military solution, if the army deploys additional resources may, perhaps lead to lulls but it will not solve the issue in depth. It is in this context that we believe that it is necessary the release of Ayuk Tabe and the others, "said Maurice Kamto.