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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Police and carriers engaged in a serious fight along the axis of Ambam-Kyé-Ossi

At the origin of this missed incident, the implementation of the instructions of the Minister of Transport. That of tracking all the actors of the irregular sector.

This is the newspaper L'Avenir in its No. 058, which gives this information. The newspaper speaks of a morning of September 24th, very eventful in this locality. This is a brawl between the carriers of Ambam -Abang-Minko and Ambam-Kyé-Ossi and the police. Carriers regard police officers as their tormentors.

 "This morning the police arrive at the bus station. They inform us that the Minister of Transport has just given a note to the Delegate General of National Security. This note asks to stop all so-called clandestine vehicles. They are asking us for the transport license, the blue card, the fourth category insurance, a badge and a vest. Ebang tells Ondo Little John". He is the president of the carriers of Ambam - Kyé-Ossi axis.

 " Social Action "

This is for the latter, a pill a bit too bitter to swallow. The tone goes up and the tension with. There is lead in the air. "In these times, we do in the social, we help society. Go to the bus station, as we are forbidden to work, you will see the women who hang out with the plantain that they have to sell at the market of Kyé- Ossi ". Exclaims this president of the carriers.

"But they are stuck because the vehicles are all stuck in place according to the Commissioner's instructions that any vehicle that does not have these documents is not working. And that's why we have to go and meet the administrative authorities. " Concludes the latter. A decision that the sub-prefect of Ambam salutes.


In Ambam, the drivers invade the sub-prefecture. The operation "punch" embarrasses. The operation conducted by public security officers is legal, but its legitimacy seems problematic. And all the more because its repressive phase has not been subject to any prior sensitization. With these realities, the administrative authority orders the Commissioner of Public Security to suspend this special measure until 6 November.

This is the date on which all carriers who will still be in an irregular situation will face the rigor of the law. For the time being, it's the calm that reigns in the district of Ambam. And carriers are free to go about their business while taking steps to comply before the deadline. Case to follow!