Monday, October 28, 2019

'Paul Biya and his team are bakers' Paul Eric Kingue

Paul √Čric Kingue, former mayor of Njombe-Penja in the Moungo department, a region on the Cameroon coast, was present on October 25th on the antennas of ABK Radio, where he made new revelations. 

Very prolix, he returned to his alliance with the MRC during the presidential election of October 7, 2018 in Cameroon.

"The alliance between Professor Maurice Kamto, Penda Ekoka and me is an alliance alliance that must give birth to a Cameroon new. Everything must be done to destroy the knots of extremism. Many people forget that in the Constitutional Council, I am the only Cameroonian who has said that he will never recognize Paul Biya as president? "

According to Paul Eric Kingue, "Mr Biya and his team are bakers. It's more experienced guys. They are used to turning people in the dough. Paul Biya must stop taking Cameroonians as filling elements? "Warns Paul Eric Kingue. 

The former mayor of Njombe Penja also commented on the Great National Dialogue (GDN) which ended on 4 October 2019 in Cameroon. 

According to him, "Mr. Paul Biya must convene a second conference during which we must put all these problems on the table, because if these problems are not resolved now, there will still be the" no to hold ". -up electoral for the legislative and the municipal. Many things separate me from the MRC, but very few meet us and I prefer to stick to this too little that unites us and it is this too little that forms our alliance (...) My origins forbid me to to be extremist ...... I have to be in the middle "