Sunday, October 6, 2019

Panic in the seraglio after the liberation of Maurice Kamto

On the other hand, you have the Ayop Ayop Ayop fighters who have been waiting impatiently for Kamto's death sentence. Today, they are confused. Some of them who are only ethno-fascists are now also demanding the release of all Beti prisoners. Hateful tribalists who do everything to divide our country by bringing us back again and again to the tribe. 

On the other hand, you have fighters of the tontine who had made Maurice Kamto a goodwill. Just like the first group, they prayed for him to stay in prison, it was turning business. 

Note that since the announcement of his release, one of the famous traders named Kamto has not even made a single publication so he is in shock. His last publication stopped a few minutes when the release came out.

For someone who likes to do kongossa, peddle rumors of all kinds, you are not surprised at his sudden silence? Especially at the announcement of the liberation of the very one he tells you to fight for and wants to take him to Etoudi? It is also true that he predicted a destiny for the Mandela, that is to say 27 years in prison before continuing to the presidency, to see him free so early should not be an easy move. 

In short, the least we can say is that this sudden release of Professor Kamto and co is likely to give stroke to many of our compatriots. And as of tonight, it is unemployment insured on both sides... !!!