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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Occultism, Mysticism ... the unspoken spiritual of the national dialogue

After three years of armed conflict in the northern and southwestern regions of Cameroon, the Hierophant Paul Biya but highlights the spiritual dimension of a great statesman.

If the great Hierophant Jesus Christ could affirm sic "All Power was given to me in heaven and on earth so that every knee would bow."

It would also be possible to say "all power has been given to Paul Barthelemy Biya Bi Mvondo by God and the custodians of the ancestral power of the ten regions that make up the Republic of Cameroon, making him the master of the destiny of the most difficult country to manage on the planet earth, because of its multidimensional complexity.

Thus the action of the Head of State to bring sincerity to the Cameroonian nation through the great national dialogue, can be interpreted in its spiritual dimension by numerology, "science of numbers" through which any problem can be understood and find a solution by rigorous and precise calculations.

4 numbers can lead us in the present reflection namely: 

The date of September 10, 2019 "Address to the Nation of the Head of State";

The date of September 30, 2019, the "solemn opening day of the great national dialogue"; 

The duration of the work 

The duration of the armed conflict in the North and South-West regions On September 10, 2019 at 8 pm sharp when the Head of State takes the floor he surprises everyone by announcing his decision to convene a meeting. a major national dialogue to bring peace to the troubled English-speaking regions and to talk about the problems that undermine the entire nation; The disquieted minds of an indescribable intransigence, whose sole purpose is to keep Cameroon in confusion, were quickly realized.

The numbers end at 9 and the distinguishing sign of the decade is the zero without eigenvalue added to the unit. The ten, therefore, represents everything which, being nothing by itself, receives a great force of opinion, and may consequently suffer the omnipotence of divine wisdom. If we add 1+ 0 we get 1; the head of state understood that one must become the doctor and the judge of oneself and beyond the population that one directs to overcome the evil spells of the necromancer, which conjures only contempt and the scandal for to triumph over the opinion which chills all enthusiasm and confounds everything in the same cold pallor.

The opening date of the major national dialogue; it was not trivial either, because we are moving from the ninth month of the year to the tenth to the ninth, a number that goes unnoticed because it contains the great secrets of the initiate, the strength that make the earth fertile, the mysteries of the occult fire, the universal key of souls, the second view before which the malefactors could not remain hidden. It is the key to the emancipation of bodies and souls that opens all prisons, and this force of eternal choice completes the creation of man and fixes him in immortality.

If we add 3 + 0, we obtain the 3 which represents the force of the growth of the will. He has conquered the genius of fear; he recognizes that dogmas are the ornaments of truth unknown to the vulgar; he overthrows in the intelligence of man all the idols, he enchains the genius of death, he probes all the precipices, and, sum the infinite, even to the proportion of calculations, to avoid for ever the pitfalls of deception; this is the spiritual power of the number 3 in the number 30, symbolizing the opening date of the great national dialogue.

The duration of the great national dialogue; 5 days were enough to tell truths hitherto unsuspected in a climate of love and peace begging the figure 5 represents the 5 branches of the star grafted on the red band of the Cameroonian flag, garnet, always symbolizing unity, blood, and strength; the triumph of human infirmity, it stands out from fascination. He arms himself with all the creative forces of the

quintessence, and produces, as he pleases, the harmony which results from the marriage of opposites, because all development is tributary of dialectic, we mean contradiction.

The duration of the conflict; three years of indescribable atrocities, of vandalism of all kinds compelling the population to flee the burials of their ancestors; what was not said while the hierophant Paul Biya was drowned in a spiritual cogitation of higher degree; if the serpents of the caduceus of Hermes against throws three times, Cerberus opens his triple mouth and the fire sings the praises of God by the three tongues of lightning. At Paul Biya, the growing strength of the will takes on an exceptional dimension. Thus, he demonstrates that "the value of a great man and, above all, a statesman of his ilk is dependent on his ability to brave obstacles".

In adopting such an attitude, the Head of State has completely let himself be led not only by the will of God but also by his ancestors. That is why, at the end of the day, even his closest ones did not understand the gestures of appeasement that he put down even before the end of the Yaoundé congress center; it is the reaction of a father who has taken to leave in the memory of Cameroonians the mark of a man who has not had a glorious hand with his collaborators; but for which we will forever recognize the merit of the initiator of democracy and prosperity.