Tuesday, October 1, 2019

National Dialogue: US Hermen Cohen denies alliance with secessionists

In a previous article published on the local media, it was noted the agreement between the secessionists and the former US minister. Herman Cohen was supposed to represent the secessionists in the national
dialogue opened on September 30, according to a statement from the interim 'Ambazonian' government. But the clerk in tweets on his twitter account has denied this information.

"It is falsely reported that I accepted an offer as" spokesperson for Ambazonia ". I am very flattered by this expression of confidence in my diplomacy and regret that I can not participate in the negotiations. I highly recommend the mediation mechanism of the Swiss government, "said the US diplomat.

In making these statements, Herman Cohen released the secessionists at the last moments as no secessionist leader was present at the opening ceremony of the dialogue.

In a tweet of September 12, the former US Under-Secretary of State for African Affairs proposed the United States as the best international mediation in this Anglophone crisis. But he has just turned his tongue by supporting the Swiss who are struggling on the international stage to manage the crisis in Cameroon. "I can not participate in these negotiations. I highly recommend the mediation mechanism of the Swiss government, "he finally said.

Indeed, the diplomat Cohen had proposed to be the mediator of the Anglophone crisis, he who negotiated the end of the long-running war between Eritrea and Ethiopia. It is on this basis that Dabney Yerima has declared that Cohen "will bring an inestimable value to the suffering of the English-speaking population during the national dialogue. "

The national dialogue continues at the Yaounde Conference Center without secessionist leaders; Akéré Muna has left the table and Fru Ndi threat to leave if Dion Ngute does not take into account his claims.

Source: Cameroonweb.com