Friday, October 4, 2019

National Dialogue: new surprises emerged from Paul Biya

Cameroonians will still have to expect new surprises from Cameroon's President Paul Biya as part of the national dialogue. This is in any case what led the CRTV to believe some of the closing of the work of the national dialogue opened Monday, September 30 at the Yaounde Congress Center.

Yesterday Thursday, the President of the Republic surprised the national and international opinion by announcing the release of 333 English-speaking prisoners.

"I have ordered the continuation of the stay of proceedings in military courts against 333 people arrested for misdemeanors in connection with the crisis in the north-west and south-west regions," he said. specified a statement of the Presidency of the Republic to this effect.

Joining the act to speak, English-speaking detainees were released in several cities this Friday morning shortly before the official closing ceremony of the national dialogue.

It should be noted, moreover, that the presence of the Head of State Paul Biya had been announced at the close of the dialogue this Friday. Information quickly denied by sources contacted.

Without doubt and it is a truism, Cameroon, since September 30, writes a new page of its history. Find a definitive solution for a return to peace in NOSO. For three years, anglophones shouted "We want to see the president" we want to see the president. Only, the president is announced for the closing of the works.