Tuesday, October 1, 2019

National Dialogue: John FRU NDI threatens to withdrawing from the process

John FRU NDI, in a speech on September 30, threatened to boycott the work of the national dialogue if Prime Minister Dion Ngute does not take into account his claims.

The president of the Social Democratic Front (sdf) asks the prime minister to discuss the shape of the state of Cameroon before addressing other issues. Fru Ndi believes that only federalism can take Cameroon out of the Anglophone crisis.

"The problem of the form of the state that would have allowed us to dwell exhaustively on Federalism. That is why I propose at the outset that we tackle the deep structural causes of the crisis we are experiencing today in the North West and South West regions. Indeed, in 1972, we made a very fatal mistake in abolishing the Federal Republic of Cameroon through a referendum that was neither provided for in the 1961 Federal Constitution nor even envisaged by the 1961 Foumban Conference. he said before putting pressure on Paul Biya's regime:

"We have made all these proposals in good faith and in the supreme interest of our country. But if these are ignored, the SDF will have no choice but to withdraw from the dialogue.

Source: Cameroonweb.com