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Saturday, October 19, 2019

MRC: Célestin Djamen unveils the name of the Commissioner who shot him

The activist of the MRC was the guest of the morning of Equinoxe radio "We remake Cameroon" this Thursday, October 10, 2019. During this program, he recounted the circumstances in which he was shot in the leg., offers you some passages of the broadcast of Celestin Djamen this morning on radio equinoxe 93.0.  The comments were translated by Eric Fopoussi, the presenter of this morning program on his Facebook page this Thursday.

"At 8:00 am on January 26th, we started the peaceful march at the Bassong junction in Logpom." The commissioner arrived and wanted to tear off my banner.  They have come back to us, they have come back and started firing shots, throwing tear gas, each fled and the market stopped.

I went home to Makepe, I washed, and I went out to go to the roundabout little country where I often talk with friends that I like, I did not know that I was caught spinning.

So, I resisted, I resisted, I resisted, I got it on the ground, I got their feet on my head and my feet on  the back, I was on my stomach, I did not see anything, I did not know anything, I did not know anything.  People in the area were filming from their balcony, commissioning them and they left.  At the moment I did not feel the bread but a few minutes later I felt my heavy leg, there was a big wound, the pain was very strong, I could not move.  It was a young man who watched the police monitor the police and watched me empty my blood.  This young man is screaming Djamen is injured, and the crowded cam running and I was transported to the General Hospital.  This is what I was arrested a few days later.

The man who shot me had a helmet, and the only one who had a weapon was the log-bessou commissioner.  COMMISSIONER HERVÉ MARIE ONDOUA.  We wanted to lodge a complaint against all those police officers who fired on the MRC militants, we were asked $ 5 million beyond the usual sum of 50,000f.

Once arrived, we were transported to Yaoundé.  In the middle of the road, people peeing on them during the trip because the police refused to allow us to be comfortable, I was the exception of the rule taking advantage of an accident on the road to ask  A policeman next to me to allow me Once in Yaoundé, Sed I spent 20 days before being taken to the main prison of Yaoundé.  "

Célestin Djamen was released on Saturday, October 5, 2019 with Maurice Kamto, other MRC executives and allies.  It was the day after the decision of the Head of State to abandon the prosecution against them at the level of the military court.