Monday, October 14, 2019

Moves to a government reshuffle of Paul Biya, a well informed source reveals

'It's the price to pay if we want political life to regenerate in our country'

According to well-informed sources, in the coming days, the head of state will tear down this map to further appease the socio-political climate in the country reports the newspaper Integration.

We will say it simply: to stay in the logic of the "Great National Dialogue", Paul Biya made important decisions at the end of last week. True to his manly and cordial way of carrying out the political exercise, the Head of State instructed the release of some prisoners, including Maurice Kamto. "In a country where, since, several traumas had already sedimented, it is clear that gestures like these will be repeated in the next few days," projects Bernard Noumbissi. The post-GDN, argues the academic, has raised the lid on the government reshuffle topic. According to the same source, Paul Biya is preparing to carry out a "political beheading" of certain figures.

In the seraglio? We are still careful not to feed the chronicle on a "new kitchen". However, behind small sentences, behind assumptions and predictions, we understand that it is simmering at low temperatures. Throughout the weekend, we learn, intense consultations have begun. Guided by the need to act quickly to avoid abandoning the recommendations of the Palais des Congrès conference, Paul Biya reflects on how to adjust his team. "The head of state must regain his hand, after having crossed the long desert of the socio-political crisis, in order to revive his seven-year term. It could be more political than technical, in the idea of ​​opening a new sequence in this complicated period, and upstream of the 2020 electoral calendar ", analyzes Bernard Noumbissi.


Already, it is impossible to prevent the spirits from warming up and betting on the possible entrants to the government.  "I do not see Dion Ngute threatened at all.  I have never seen a President-Prime Minister so merged, "says Jean Baptiste Atemengue, militant of the Rdpc.  Basically, the argument stands: the PM has led the GDN well.  For the rest, the alternative is simple: "a replacement position for a position or a reshuffle of greater or lesser magnitude;  it could be an opportunity to get rid of a few ministers who are considered fragile.  This is the price to pay if we want political life to regenerate in our country, "summarizes the political scientist Belinga Zambo.

Between news and intox, some let filter their moods on September 29: "At the end of the GDN, it will listen to 17 hours every day," sighed a government member who did not exclude a departure.  Meanwhile, others were dreaming of a ministry.  "It's a little in all our heads, we will wait near our phones", explained, facing the journalists, a director in service at the Ministry of Decentralization and Local Development.

It should be noted that it is in early 2019, including January 4, the President of the Republic has readjusted his team.  There was the promotion of some citizens from the English-speaking regions of the country, including Chief Joseph Dion Nguté as Prime Minister.  The commentators had then seen a primer to appeasement.