Friday, October 11, 2019

Mixed reactions as French Cameroon government is set to recruit Cameroonians into the US Navy Academy

Suspicious as ministry of defence under the French Cameroon ruling government embark on a recruiting text for Cameroonians who are willing to join the United States of America Navy Academy.
The question remains why would the United States of America asked a foreign country to recruit soldiers for the States? 

Read reactions of cameroonians below

This is quite suspicious. Frenchcameroun may be acting without authorization from the USA.This may be too attract young Ambazonians & restoration forces to go and be arrested. Notice that they say interested persons must be fluent in English language.They have a target people! By Esstope

If this is true,it just goes a long way to prove that the whites don't care about us. They want to recruit us to fight for them but for 3 years now,they have kept silent on our suffering! By Achanco

Common practice by world powers, to influence foreign policy of small nation. Britain, and France have been at it for decades. To have free access to resources. They need pple to train, or opportunists looking to get rich. Then, u train ppl to protect your asset! By Ako

In fact some time I wonder whether Cameroon is under the UN or above UN, that whatever is done or happened to Cameroonian no body cares, even after been a signatory to many international regulations! By Perih

A new strategy to arrest #SouthernCameroonian youths 
for d slaughter house "At least 17 and not more than 23 yrs" just d targeted group that #FrenchCamerounMilitary is slaughtering in #Ambazonia. Our children shouldn't fall for this. It's a trap! By Bea Ndifor