Monday, October 28, 2019

Miss Cameroon: 2020 edition list of the Center's known candidates and their photos

The organizers of miss cameroon beauty pageant has uneiled the first completed list of contestants for the 2020 edition schedule to hold in December, 2019.

This first part of the released list is composed of 9 candidates mainly from the Center. They are: 

Nkoa Amougou Charline, Candidate 1 

Kangbah Mondossok Rose Sandrine, Candidate 2 

Bella Awono Leticia Laure, Candidate 3

Ayong Aliguene Audrey Rolande, candidate 4 

Bitega Vanessa, candidate 5 

Mafin Fouda Claude Josepha, candidate 6 

Tsang Xaverie Tatiana, candidate 7 

Kounou Christine Karen, candidate 8

Mekongo Estelle Gisele, Candidate 9 

The grand final of Miss Cameroon 2020 is scheduled for December 21, 2019. 

In pictures below, are the 9 candidates of Grand Center;