Thursday, October 10, 2019

Legislatives 2020: Elecam announces preparation

Elections Cameroon (Elecam), held yesterday, Wednesday, October 09, 2019, in his building - headquarters of Yaounde the political capital of Cameroon.

Elecam does not expect to be surprised by the local elections (legislative, municipal and regional) announced in 2020. During its 3 rd Ordinary Session of the current exercise chaired by Enow Abrams Egbe the President of the Electoral Council, he has other things  It was a question of preparing the budget for the year 2020 to take shape with the new configuration of the electoral council.  The President of the Republic, Paul Biya, recently appointed Salifou Njipendi.  Most members of the Elecam Electoral Council, however, are maintained by the head of state.

It was also discussed during yesterday's work in Yaoundé, to evaluate the application of the guidelines adopted during the last ordinary session of Elecam.  Special emphasis has been placed on the prospect of local elections scheduled next year.

"In a few days, we will be deployed again on the ground, in the optics not only to take stock of the electoral register the day after the closing of the operations of annual revision of the inscriptions on the electoral lists, but also to refine  our strategies for an efficient and complete distribution of voter cards, "said Enow Abrams Egbe Elecam's Electoral Board Chairman. And to add that "it will also be an opportunity to control the repair of infrastructure of some territorial dismemberments".  The quality of relations between Elecam and the political actors, according to Enow Abrams Egbe, will also be among the concerns of the institution, in the light of the announced electoral deadlines.

Enow Abrams Egbe congratulated Elecam's General Manager, Érik Essoussè, on the excellence of his day-to-day management, as well as his diligence in the layout and finish of the Elecam headquarters building.

Recall that in recent months, Elecam has left its cramped premises in the Bastos neighborhood to occupy its beautiful and huge building - headquarters newly built in Yaounde, in the heart of the esplanade of ministries, next to the Rose building.