Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Lebialem: Marshall field ready to lay down arms

In a viral video, the King of Lebialem announced to lay down arms.

The king of Lebialem was born.  His name is Field Marshall.  He is the king of kings.  Exactly like Sultan Njoya and all the other senior leaders of Nun.

By being inducted King of Lebialem, Field Marshall has not made the title, but he has created a title.  That of king of kings.  Then, on October 1, in the courtyard of a royal palace which is said to be of the 1st degree chiefdom Esso Attah, Secessionist Field Marshall was enthroned king of Lebialem.  To do so, traditional leaders, notables, and a large population in jubilation.

To be enthroned King of Lebialem means the leaders of the field Marshall.

How can a "maquisard" take pleasure in being enthroned king of kings?  That is the question which answer will not be obvious.  Is it to announce that he is ready to lay down his arms to enjoy peacefully his kingdom?

Field Marshall is the most formidable leader of all secessionist groups operating in the Northwest and Southwest regions.  The Red Dragon is the rebel group that causes the most concern to the national army and civilian populations.

Field Marshall took advantage of a situation of widespread chaos in which he is involved, as leader of the Red Dragon, to be inducted king of Lebialem.  The viral video that has gone around the world proves that he was enthroned not by himself, but by people abandoned by their deserters.

How do the chiefs of the various groups of people who have their palaces to shelter elsewhere, far from the theater of hostilities, live this enthronement that changes their status?  Is not Field Marshall another powerhouse who got caught in his own trap?  How long will he remain King of Lebialem?