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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Leaving the port of Douala, Bolloré promised to overcome 'his trials'

The French group has renovated the CMA Bonadiwoto on the sidelines of its 4th edition of the Marathon Day on September 26, 2019. Under the sign of fighting spirit.

Immersed in a dilapidated state of disrepair with a single doctor since its inception in 1998, the Bonadiwoto Medical Center District (CMA) now has a shiny face.  It has just been rehabilitated by the Bolloré group.  The work consisted, among other things, in the construction of patient rooms, the renewal of painting on the buildings, the laying of paving stones in the courtyard, and the donation of a large donation of paramedical equipment.

The restitution of the works took place on September 26th on the sidelines of the 4th edition of the Marathon Day, a sporting event internal to the Bolloré group, which makes it possible to raise funds every year for a charity association.  According to his chief doctor, Dr. Amelie Bahounoui Batende, the CMA Bonadiwoto lacked almost everything!

Located in the district of Douala 3, this health center, she continues, however faces several challenges.  In particular, there is a mismatch between the supply of care and a large influx of patients, including refugees from neighboring and internally displaced countries of the Anglophone crisis.  "It's a breath of fresh air that will facilitate optimal patient care," says the boss of the CMA Bonadiwoto.

"An action that is important for humility, solidarity, social anchoring of the Bolloré group implanted long dates in Cameroon," said for its part the regional director Bolloré Transport Logistics Gulf of Guinea, Mohamed Diop.  In a fighting tone, Bolloré, who is going through several events currently in Cameroon.  An allusion to the recent ousting of the French group from the concession of the port of Douala for the benefit of the Swiss TIL dealer.  "A test that will raise Bolloré for new challenges," promised his regional director Gulf of Guinea.

 Source: Cameroon-Info.Net