Saturday, October 5, 2019

Kondengui: Inmates asked to finance the electrification of the prison

For a week, the detainees of premises 85 and 86 of district 8, also called Kosovo of Yaoundé-Kondengui central prison live in a climate of insecurity. For good reason, these two premises are without electricity. 

Despite the seizure of the authorities by the prisoners of these premises, nothing is done so far to solve the problem. 

They went to meet the authorities, who asked them to solve the problem themselves. For example, they have been asked to contribute to purchase the equipment that causes the power outage.

It should be noted that this district is one of the most dangerous areas of this prison with prison overcrowding, practices of homosexual acts etc. There are many prisoners who live in these places who fear for their lives. 

It is important for the manager to solve this problem before the worst happens.

Source: The TGV of the info