Friday, October 11, 2019

In Ngaoundéré, a police officer committed suicide

Assiméouké hanged himself on a rope on the morning of September 04, 2013.

The second-rate police Inspector (IP2) Assiméouké hanged himself after a rope on the morning of September 4, 2013.

The news that made the news of the mid-day of September 4 was spread to through Cameroon like a trail of powder. Securely tied to the structure of a dry cleaning shop, the yellow rope holds the ex-2nd grade police inspector (Ip2) Assiméouké by the neck of his lifeless body. The macabre discovery is made by the employee of the laundry. According to the lady in question in shock of this macabre image, "I saw the policeman passed an hour before," she confided to the investigators.

He who, a few days ago, was returning from a mission on the border with Nigeria. "He was on duty the morning of September 4, 2013 even at SGBC. He made a message to the chief that he wanted to be relieved because he did not feel well, "reveals his colleague Gmi. Immediately replaced the unfortunate would immediately headed to the store located a few meters away to end his life.

At the time of the incident, the uniformed policeman was holding a bag in his hand. "We think it was in this bag that he hid the rope with which he hanged himself," said a police source. Informed by the employees of the laundry, the elements of the mobile intervention group (GMI) No. 9 arrived at the place of hanging.

The thesis of a premeditated suicide underlies the investigation of the judicial police in Ngaoundere. Indiscretions reveal that the element was "so much in demand for difficult and stressful missions". His recent mission is proof of this. In addition, it is said that the late Assiméouké wished to be affected without success. Close friends invoke a disappointment in love. Other revelations state that the deceased would have cracked because of a series of family pressures.

"He is a model policeman, appreciated and respectful. He was approached to become a senior inspector, "says a policeman on duty at Gmi No. 9 Ngaoundere seems to be sounded by the facts. Assiméouké IP2 was married with one child.

After the finding of the Attorney General at the Adamaoua Court of Appeal, the remains of the suicide are transported to the morgue of the regional hospital of Ngaoundéré.