Wednesday, October 30, 2019

"If Maurice Kamto came to power, Cameroon would be in danger" Ernest Obama splits fire

Yesterday Tuesday, October 29, the "tear" between Paul Eric Kingue and Maurice Kamto, was invited on the dinosaur table of Vison 4, it was during their traditional show "Tour d'Horizon". 

Perfect Ayissi, moderator, and his friends, commented with ease the innumerable outings of Paul Eric Kingue, in which he attacks violently the militants of the MRC and fired red ball on Maurice Kamto, his political ally, with whom he stayed for 9 months at Kondengui's main prison. 

For Martial Owona, the alliance between Maurice Kamto and other political leaders, notably Paul Eric Kingue, former mayor of the commune of Njombé-Penja, was not founded on a true ideological base. The journalist certifies that these are alliances that have been acquired at the cost of money bills by Maurice Kamto. He takes as an example one of the allies of Maurice Kamto (Valsero), and reveals that the latter, had battles with Kamto in prison for a money case. "This ally claimed that we give him his 8 million CFA remaining of the 12 million that had been promised," says Martial Owona, under the astonishment of his acolytes.

Ernest Obama, firstly argues that Maurice Kamto is surrounded by bad people. The leader of the dinosaurs, remarked in the background that Paul Eric Kingue, showed in the eyes of the public that the RCM is only a tribal party. He is astonished by the silence of Maurice Kamto in the face of Paul Eric Kingue's many exits and thinks that other revelations could even come into play. Ernest Obama suggests that if Maurice Kamto came to power, Cameroon would be in danger. He justifies his argument by the guéguerre that is observed within the coalition around the MRC. Obama thinks that the 9 months spent in prison should rather be an opportunity for Maurice Kamto to enter into a sacred union with his allies. "I realize that Cameroonians have made a very good choice by taking Mr. Biya as president," he said. 

Pierre Blériot Nyemeck, the other dinosaur, makes an observation a little different from that of the other speakers. Nyemeck first presents Paul Erik Kingue as a very sulphurous man. "He certainly has a political weight, but he is not one of the kind of leader I admire," says the man from "kongossa". 

Pierre Blériot Nyemeck thinks, however, that the exits of Paul Eric Kingue can also be strategic, this, he says, to attract attention and seek political added value. "So, do not be surprised to see Paul Eric Kingue and Maurice Kamto tomorrow, who are walking hand-in-hand." Lance does.