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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

'I must protect Kamto at all costs because he is my village father' says Modestine Carole

Our brothers in the tontine are seriously beginning to make me laugh. As soon as you stop writing: "MAURICE KAMTO PRESIDENT HELHU", you become a traitor. Wait a little friends, we are traitor because we betrayed what exactly? Fights of likes and sharing on Facebook? In which group did I ever associate myself? Seriously, it sucks when you read and listen to pro Kamto.


When I make publications to criticize President Paul Biya, I am the most intelligent Docta of Cameroon ????????.

As soon as I make the slightest criticism of Kamto, I become a treacherous person and I doubt it even if I have a doctorate. Indeed and among others, our friends withdraw me and return to me my doctorate according to the interests that they find in my publications.

For example, let's try to analyze the reactions of our pro-Kamto friends under the video I published yesterday. 90% are insults of such violence that would thrill the devil in person and testify to the degree of hatred and intrinsic wickedness that its authors carry in their hearts. 5% in an equally outrageous but relatively polite language felt that I did not understand the said speech without explaining what they understood. The rest of the 5% felt that it was not really a speech, but just a message on the fly for many fans.

In conclusion, not a single ????? pro Kamto was able to demonstrate by a logical and coherent reasoning that I made a mistake in my analyzes.

 So these are people who think that multiply hundreds of false profiles under which have been hiding to insult, denigrate, vilify, slander, make false mounts of documents (as the supposed gmail exchange with my supposed thesis director) to discredit  it's fighting a fight.  It is simply lamentable to realize that these individuals do not have the simple judge to understand that they do more wrong than good to the leader they say support.

In contrast, they think rather hurt me and make me change my mind and position with insults.  But seriously, what do you want me to do ??????????? that a sad individual who did not read anything else of his life that Mamadou and Bineta (and who way was able to  to afford an Android phone to spread the ugliness and blackness of his heart on social networks insult me? You know very well that I have the ability to erase these comments and block their authors, but I give time before  to do it to let the Cameroonian people absorb it.

No, but seriously what, as Umberto says so well, "social networks gave the right to speak to legions of imbeciles who, before, spoke only at the bar, after a glass of wine and did not cause any harm to  the community.  They were silenced right now while today they have the same right to speak a Nobel Prize.  It's the invasion of imbeciles ".

How do you think that a single Cameroonian who is not a fanatic of Kamto can resolve to follow him by reading you?  Do you think that Cameroon is 16,000,000 people of voting age, less than 3,000,000 went to the polls for the last elections and Kamto even if it is granted the benefit of doubt on his victory did not  not had 1,000,000 votes.  If we stick to the official results, less than 700 Cameroonians voted for him in the last election, which is to say how long the path is still long.

However, to achieve this, a political party like the MRC needs as a mad lover in love to seduce her beautiful as did Molière to his Marquise with love poems.
 If a leader indeed needs fanatics like what we see here on social networks, ie people who only serve to wear the party uniform and go to the side of the road screaming  very strong at the passage of the leaders, he still needs the thinking heads able to criticize him.

Of the 5% who answered me that Kamto did not prepare his speech, to you I answer you that it is exactly at this moment that one understands that a leader is badly surrounded, because at the moment when he leaves  prison, his council should have told him not to make any speeches.  A simple greeting and thanks would have been largely sufficient in this circumstance, as there was no urgency of the speech.  In short, a true statesman speaks less and thinks for a long time before opening his mouth in public, because in politics, there is no mitigating circumstance.

Your struggle is for power at all costs.  Push me I settle!  Because for the moment, I do not yet perceive the fundamental rupture with the regime of Paul Biya, especially on the ethical level.

Me my fight is for justice and a Cameroon ????????  new where it is good to live for all Cameroonians, no matter who takes the power!  Hence the difficulty for you to understand me because you and I do not pursue the same goal.

This explains why you applaud when I criticize President Paul Biya and spit on it as soon as I criticize Professor Maurice Kamto.  Others even think that for village solidarity, I must protect Kamto at all costs because he is my father in the village.

At this moment, we just want to ask you what is different from the Biya regime and the Ayop Ayop Ayop fighters who fully assume the fact of supporting Paul Biya because he is the brother of the village?

As a saying proverb proves, "In a string of idiots, the fool would make a beautiful gloria-patri".

Reporter: Modestine Carole Tchatchouang Yonzou