Sunday, October 27, 2019

Garoua Boulai: soldiers kill kidnappers and free hostages

Cameroon's army released this week a group of people who had been held hostage by rebels from the Central African Republic. 

The rebels kidnapped 22 people two weeks ago and held them for ransom. But the raid of the army Thursday night on Garoua Boulai released 13 Central Africans and Cameroonians. 

The inhabitants of the Cameroonian villages of Mbaimbum, Tchabal and Bigao were still discussing the raid a few days later. 

Livestockman Muhamady Issa was one of those who were kidnapped. He added that the kidnappers had killed some of the hostages. 

Issa said that when he was in captivity in the mountains on the border with the CAR, he decided to flee to the bushes and surrounding hills instead of being slaughtered, as had been the case for seven other captives. ten days.

Issa fled and was found in the hills by the Cameroonian army. At least two of the abductees were still missing. 

Five kidnappers killed 

Colonel of the Cameroonian army, Dominique Njonkan, commander of the troops who carried out the raid, said that his men had killed five of the kidnappers. He said that with the help of the public, the army was trying to determine the armed gang to which the men belonged. 

"The results are satisfactory and the population is collaborating more and more," said Njonkan. "They need to have confidence in themselves, to ensure they continue their activities without fear, so that their economic activities are reorganized as much as possible." 

Cameroon shares a border of more than 1,000 kilometers with the CAR. Since the conflicts in the neighboring state erupted in 2013, many armed gangs have established bases in eastern Cameroon.