Sunday, October 6, 2019

Francis Bonga pronounces on his 'recruitment' at CRTV

It all started September 25th with a Facebook post on an account with the name Francis Bonga, sending the trainer of the "Kongossa of the Day" to the public channel.  The news has been spread on social networks like a trail of powder.  In various forums, many Internet users have made various appreciative statements as of this choice of the evicted journalist of Vision 4 last September.

Faced with this rumor, the journalist wanted to set the record straight.  Approached by M├ędiatude, he said first: "it's a fake" before bidding "Someone has created a fake Facebook account in my name, he took an old picture in my Facebook album.. That I also denounced.The following you know it.

Remember that in an interview with the author, the journalist was already talking about his chances of seeing himself elsewhere at 2% only.