Monday, October 21, 2019

Father Paul Njokikang arrested in Bamenda after Sunday service

In April, Father Paul Njokikang presented the details of the armed conflict to United Nations Security Council.

Our colleagues at camerounweb reported that The director of humanitarian affairs of the Catholic Church in the archdiocese of Bamenda, Rev. Paul Njokikang was arrested this Sunday morning at the end of the Mass he himself celebrated Mbinfibe.

According to the first information received by the editor, the prelate is believed to be held in the Cameroonian army camp at Bafut airport near Bamenda.

For now, the reasons for this arrest are not known.

But it must be remembered that the Rev. Paul Njokikang presented a detailed and precise report on the armed conflict in progress last April before the United Nations Security Council.

Father Paul Njokikang is considered in the community as a 'descendant of Mother Teresia' for his good works of charity towards the poor and vulnerable people resulting from the ongoing conflict.

In a statement issued late this morning, the humanitarian community condemned the arrest as an abduction and arbitrary detention. It calls on the international and national humanitarian communities to put pressure on the Cameroonian government for the immediate release of the man of God.