Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Exchange of gunfire recorded this Tuesday morning in Bamenda

Chaoses this Tuesday morning in Bamenda as gunmen stormed the locality of  the bilingual school of Ngomgham and Mankon district in Bamenda.

According to our sources, armed men examined to be secessionist fighters from Ambazonia arrived the neighborhood all on a motorcycle while shooting in the air. They were also reported to have seized the phones of people working on a construction site.

"... I was cleaning the floor of the house when someone knocked on my door. I asked the person to go around and enter the compound. When they came in, I realized they were secessionist fighters. One of them seemed "hurt" and asked me to join the others on the other side. The people they took to the construction site had to pay money before being released, "said a witness who preferred to remain anonymous.

At the time of taking this report, the streets are deserted. The people have taken refuge at home.

No death was recorded, stayed turned for update...