Monday, October 14, 2019

Etoudi Palace: 'A regime specializing in confusing governance'

The release of the Cameroonian opposition leader Pr. Maurice Kamto with many other civil rights activists in Cameroon.

The most spectacular output of them is undoubtedly that of Mr. Mathias Eric Owona Nguini, also known by the acronym of MEON, who claimed that Prof.  Kamto, having capitulated to the regime of Biya in exchange for his release, will be thrown into prison again if he dares to resume his political activities, thus depriving the opponent and his lieutenants of the power to become active subjects once again.

As for the political prisoners recognized by our organization, Mr. Owona Nguini pretends to acknowledge that Pr. Kamto should not really be held during the (Biya diet for practically nothing.  In fact, we are in a situation where we are in a situation where we are in a situation where we are in a position to create productive social roles, therefore, a tyrannical regime specialized in the production of nothingness.  In short, a disorder that creates confusion, chaos and disorientation to the point that people become passive and captive to a Stockholm syndrome unable to redefine their lives out of this existential chaos and this reign of unpredictability.

Indeed, Mr. Owona Nguini is known as a reactionary ideologist of the Biya regime and a supporter of the obscene immortality cult of the president.

But here, MEON outperforms even the "prophet" of his own cause because "the prophet" seems to have understood the need for a "peaceful democracy" or at least a beginning of the relaxation of the political debate in Cameroon;  an orientation that Mr. Owona Nguini seems to disdain.  It is amazing that the tyrant is supposed to "advise" that it can be a modicum of sense of moral decency and strategic wisdom that MEON can not afford.

Pr. Le Kamto and the Cameroonian legitimate opposition deserve better than the old macabre recipes of the MEON necropolitics.  Indeed, MEON seems unaware that the country is in the midst of a civil war in the English-speaking North West and South West (NOSO) and an unfinished civil war against the Islamic sect Boko Hamam in the far north.  So we can do without the ruins inflicted on the institutions of the country that even his "Nnom Guii" finally recognized.  MEON does not seem to understand why a growing number of ordinary Cameroonians are fed up with people like him and soon, even the Nnom Guii could also get tired of him, because stuck in his ethnofascist bubble that he himself  - even built, MEON seems to have no idea what is happening in the real world in Cameroon and how long will we continue to listen to it without taking into account the nihilistic and condescending ethno-racist rhetoric and recognize it for what  it is really: a ceaseless chatter of crap and fed with a vicious hostility to the progressive forces of the country.