Friday, October 11, 2019

Emmanuel Macron declares war on the Cameroonian people if "the people succeed in boycotting French products"

After the parody of dialogue organized by Paul Biya as part of the resolution of the English crisis and the release of some political prisoners, the Elysee and makes in the international legitimacy of anointing, France reaffirms its full support to the Paul Biya's policy.

Through this meeting organized after a colossal deployment of French security forces, the French President Macron announced with great pomp the break with the old dictators and France Africa now makes Paul Biya more likely.

For Jean Bogne political analyst, "France changes policy in Cameroon if the populations succeed in boycotting French products. Explains the expert.

Strategic Approach to the Boycott of French Products: All these products have substitutions.

Detoxification is necessary. We have been too used to living French products, and we must learn to rely more on ourselves. It requires a change of taste and the development of the sense of sacrifice, in a gradual way. We have become great drinkers of French Champagne, in a party that respects itself, it takes French wine ... As many axes of detoxification possible.

Boycott must continue even after political change. It is up to France to find the means to stop it, by a policy in which we find our interests.

1. Canal +, European matches: Bringing our emotions back to the country. You can not love your wife if you look all day at your neighbor's. How can my son do not like the Madrid Real and find the energy to build a local team? However, during the elections, the champions league was abandoned to listen to the debates at the CC.

We can keep Canal +, and return to the subscription to 5000 F, or find a new dealer, which will reduce the margins of Bolloré.

2. The PMUC, which belongs to Corsicans, of the French far right, and who feeds on poverty. The boycott will hurt a lot on this side, and we can come back to better habits for the family.

3. French wines and spirits can be validly replaced by South African or South American drinks. And then, why not drink less and make the difference for prisoners? ... The examples of French products in Cameroon are numerous, a real strategy is needed.

"More than ever, the diaspora must take responsibility and impose on their loved ones an anti-French boycott, because it is this diaspora that feeds families in the country through their contributions to the budget. Concludes the expert.

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