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Monday, October 28, 2019

Douala 5: The Deputy Mayor Carlos Ngoualem, sealed the marriage of 30 couples

The deputy mayor of Douala 5th sealed the union of 30 couples this Friday, October 25, 2019. It was in the room father Richard Aebi of the parish holy spirit of Bepanda Omnisports.

Joy, love, but above all, a lot of emotion in the air this Friday at Saint Esprit Parish in Bepanda Omnisports. The Grand Hall Father Richard Aebi has proven to be close to welcome families who are weddings just this day, the time of a collective wedding. Relatives, friends and loved ones of the lucky chosen of the day stormed this sacred place to live this event.

At the outset, Carlos Ngoualem the celebrant of the day, especially recalled the usefulness of civil marriage. Like a master class, the municipal representative stresses the importance of the woman in the home. At the time, he asks men who marry to maintain their wives. "You must take care of your women. You must respect them, defend. Your wife is your mirror, "he continues.

Woman: base of the family 

For Carlos Ngoualem, "the woman is the mother of humanity. The woman is the very foundation of the family. The family exists because there is the woman, without a wife there is no family ". Based on the civil code, it recalls the rights and duties of each in a marriage relationship. Subsequently, we move on to the ritual of alliances. The joy is immense in the room. These are 30 couples who lived for a long time in concubinage. These currently enjoy a legal status.

A gesture of Carlos Ngoualem who offered his free knowledge to get these 30 families out of this uncomfortable situation. "I say thank you to Mayor Carlos Ngoualem, for his availability and his advice, but especially for our union today," rejoices Etienne Bangmo, a groom of the day. Today, 63 years old, this cleaning agent lives for 30 years in concubinage with his wife. Father of 4 children, the collective wedding of this Friday is for him a gift from heaven.