Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Dissatisfied within the army after a decree by Paul Biya

The presidential decree n ° 2019/532 of October 07, 2019 granting the extension of activity to 67 officials of the Cameroonian Ministry of Territorial Administration, signed by the president Paul Biya, whose photos are abundantly circulating in the social networks, has provoked agitation within the national opinion and especially discontent within the army.

There are 47 Principal Civilian Administrators, 10 Senior Administrative Secretaries and 10 Administrative Secretaries who have benefited from the extension of activity in favor of a Presidential Decree which has caused waves of public unrest.

According to our sources, among these disgruntled, include military including officers soon called to claim their rights to retire and those recruiting for the most part within the reserve mobilisable.

Two weights, two measures. If the decree of Paul Biya indicates explicitly that it is in the "interest of the service", that this prolongation was conceded, some higher officers, want to understand for example why Norbert Valeri Kuela dean of the said officials since born in 1954, and Jean Claude TSILA born in 1956, cited negatively in the case of Mida where he would be the subject of a complaint, are kept in business.

Well-introduced sources, soldiers say in a whisper that they are victims of an injustice while they are obliged to serve the country until the supreme sacrifice ... "While police officers are retired at age 60, senior officers are struck by retirement at age 58 even though some still enjoy good physical fitness, "said a retired military to a correspondent of The Voice of Decision Makers in Douala.

Paul Biya for a professionally formidable army 

This soldier who would be in the mobilisable reserve, did not conceal his patriotic commitment while praising the permanent concern of the head of state, head of the Armed Forces, "to endow Cameroon with an army more professional and more formidable ".

The latter deplores, however, delaying factors likely to undermine the presidential vision. Namely: "a mixed management of human, material and financial resources; quarrels and interminable between the different summits (civil and military); the constitution and maintenance of mafia networks; a screaming insubordination vis-à-vis the high command; and recruitments qualified as whimsical ... "