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Monday, October 7, 2019

Death of a prison guard: Cameroon mourns a 'brave lady'

A few days later, the tragic death in Bamenda of Florence Ayafor, prison guardian, still sucks the excitement and indignation. While the questions around the perpetrators of this despicable act flock, Cameroonians do not forget to pay tribute to this young woman died in tragic conditions.

CameroonWeb offers the tribute of a user 



Do you know Florence Ayafor, she was a simple woman.

After studies well done, she thought to find a job as he sang her daronne.

Alas, she had forgotten to tell him that she was Cameroonian, a nation that likes to give up its youth, a nation that can not create employment, a country that fools consciences of alcohol and tobacco.

Do you know Florence Ayafor, a woman who honestly wanted to succeed then, she went into the law enforcement and she was assigned to her home area the northwest.

Do you know Florence Ayafor, a woman who humbly did her job as a peacekeeper at Bamenda Prison.

That day, this famous day, She was coming back from a funeral in her village, she still carried in her the flogging of mourning, she was still dressed in black, the color of death, the beloved garment of the underworld, she still had on her cheeks , the un-erased traces of tears that reflected the loss of a loved one.

In total disregard for this misfortune, they snatched it from the community, raped it, mutilated it, dragged it to the public square and tore off their head, which they presented as a trophy of war.

They have watered their blood while taunting the world ...

This is the cruelty of terrorism, yes, we legitimized barbarism and Florence Ayafor was the guinea pig.

Yes, the world must know it, it must not ignore it, we legitimize terrorism and abuses of all kinds, so citizens pay the price for their lives.

Do you know Florence Ayafor, a woman who has been swapped by politics at the cost of their selfish and selfish interests.

Sacred on the temple of politics, Florence Ayafor is just another victim for our politicians.

It is 19:15, I got up from my bed, I looked at this company, I thought of the children of this woman and I shed tears yes, tears of desolation in front of a country that dies by day in days.

Go in peace Florence Ayafor

The conscientious youth of this country remembers.

Go in peace Strong woman, you came you fought the good fight.