Friday, October 4, 2019

Cameroonian responds to Elimbi Lobe who wants to take up arms

An apostle of hatred seems to inscribe in his fight confused not the protection of minorities,
but the protection of his people he calls "great littoral" or "grand sawa" against invaders that would be a real threat to social cohesion and national integration.

It is good to say that the term minority does not have a clear and precise definition in public international law. But there is a definition elaborated in 1979 by Francesco Capotorti, special rapporteur of the United Nations Subcommittee on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities, then amended in 1985 by Jules DeschĂȘnes. According to this definition, a group of individuals can be qualified as a minority when the following four conditions are met.

1- numeric inferiority compared to the total population.

2- Non-dominant position within the state.

3- common ethnic, linguistic and religious characteristics.

4- Citizenship of the State of residence.

A- Against whom are the minorities protected?

The not-so-good economic situation in the country will give rise to multifaceted crises of various origins. Because everyone can explain his difficulties by the presence of the stranger at his doors. Then the apostle of hatred and sourness finds with little elegance that the problem of the "great littoral" is its economic growth that attracts and stirs the appetites of pigs.

B- Is the problem specific to the large coastline?

Intellectual blindness or the weakness of analysis mixed with the hatred of others can lead us to forget that this problem of solicitations, of invasion is that of the big economic capitals, the chief places of the regions and departments in our country.

Who seems to forget that the word "grand sawa" hides the will of other peoples of the sometimes landlocked coastline to invade Douala?

Who does not know that the city of Bafoussam is home to people from Bamboutos who would shame those of the great Mifi?

Who can forget that the city of Bagangte is invaded by all those of the NDE in search of settling in the capital city of the department?

From what moment does one come from a region? By the right of blood and soil? Or by the right of blood or the right of soil? We could also argue our bad faith as the same said that being English is to speak English, to be the "great coastline" is to be born or parent born in the "great coastline".

Thus, those compatriots chased as unclean because they are allogeneic in "the great sawa" at the kamerun can become German, American, French, British, Canadian and what do I know yet.

C- The manipulation as answer to a false pretext.

I listened to this apostle of hatred saying that the law should state that the natives of the "grand sawa" should reasonably represent 80% of the lists presented in each local election. And it is here that the person who reads the texts seems to forget the constitutional provision that speaks of respect for sociological representation. We must therefore call the experts to clarify this clear provision.

D- Why this agitation now?

It is clear that in view of the socio-political climate in the kamerun at this moment, any calculation made with figures at its disposal, our apostle of hate knows that he will die politically in the next elections. He will no doubt remember that it was the party that gave him visibility and not the opposite. By deciding to saw the branch on which he was seated, he kawtally destroyed his very brief career as local elected representative.

E- Is this a kamerun problem?

It is here that we must recharge our batteries in order to recover. All economic capitals of the world are stormed by men in search of well-being. And the only way for an alleged minority to be in the electoral lists without laziness, true congenital diseases of some citizens, It is necessary to invest to benefit from the confidence of the militants of the base. To actively campaign to earn the trust of the party's executive board.

Another kamerun is possible if we act differently.