Thursday, October 31, 2019

Cameroon 'I am convinced that we will qualify for the 2nd round' Coach Thomas Libiih speaks out

"The black sheep of the family!"  Although it is somewhat pejorative, this expression is certainly one of the best of the world in the history of the world. The choice of these terms is justified by the fact that Cameroon is the only African representative of the group.  Unlike Nigeria, Senegal, and Angola, who literally crushed their opponents in their first match, the reigning African champions lost to the Tajikistan team, which was touted as the lowest in the pool.  

Although this defeat does not necessarily reflect the face of a match dominated by Cameroon, Steve Mvoue and his teammates have, in the game, showed a lack of scream tactical and technical cohesion. Imprecisions that will unfortunately be sanctioned by a lesson in cold realism and relentless.  A single goal scored early in the second period, was enough for Tajiks to overcome the Cameroon.

Thomas Libiih The coach of the Cubs is convinced that he will qualify for the next round  We are convinced that we will qualify for the second round. "I stay positive." The most important thing at the moment is that we stay in the competition, "he told reporters after the match.  And to add that "We are not going to be in a position to be focused, I think it is the most important thing. We may have made a mistake today when we know where we want to go?