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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Buea: The sin of Patrick Ekema that cost him his life!

The infamous mayor of Buea City Council, Patrick Ekena, died in a hospital in the Republic, a source close to Buea, his hometown, said. 

Reports of his death sparked huge, wild celebrations in areas such as Great Soppo and Molyko, neighborhoods inhabited by non-natives of the city. 

The mayor, whom the inhabitants consider arrogant, rude and tactless, was known for his clumsy manners to attract the attention of the Yaoundé political class. 

Ekema, who had been discovered as a 'college scammer', used the ruling CPDM to hide his crimes. He knew that the party in power was a crime syndicate and he took the opportunity to put his feathered nest. 

He allegedly had false certificates from the University of Buea and these diplomas actually helped him to gain the prestigious post of mayor of the city of Buea.

Ekema has been a source of reproach for Buea traders, who have obeyed separatist orders for the effective implementation of ghost town operations. 

Ekema was looking for higher political positions and he firmly believed that the ideal way to achieve his goal was to thwart the separatists whose operations in the ghost town had paralyzed the city's economy. 

Confirming the death of Ekema from a southwestern countryman, he told us that he had attended the funeral of a certain cleaner at Buea University and then went to BOVA , a town about eight kilometers from Buea, for personal reasons. 

The source added that there were rumors that he was poisoned there. These are not verified claims and without a conclusive autopsy, the rumor will continue to spread like wildfire. 

However, it must be emphasized that its size was more than a deadly poison. His love of food and drinks had turned him into an "elephant" and blows, just like heart attacks, like those who pay little attention to their bulging waistline.

Moreover, Ekema has spent many sleepless nights because of his desire to climb the political ladder at a supersonic speed.  His reckless involvement in the crisis in southern Cameroon was part of his strategy and it surely cost him his life.

He saw in the crisis an opportunity to prove that his loyalty to the party in power is worth it.  Clearly, the concern for social recognition and political nomination was far worse than the worst Russian biological weapon in existence.

Mayor Ekema leaves the political scene young and bruised.  He has been involved in many scandals and these have greatly compromised his reputation and his chances of making giant strides in the political arena.

Buea was offered another chance by nature. Ekema was a sick wind. He did not care about the city, but about his own political expansion. The new mayor of the city will make a world of good away from the path drawn by Ekema for the city. We hope he will find peace wherever he is today.