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Sunday, October 20, 2019

BIR is for Peace not for War: BIR officers said as they do good in Kumba - Muyuka

The health campaign served 214 people of both sexes at all ages. The common pathologies (malaria, typhoid fever, gastrointestinal infection, skin infection, pulmonary infection, osteoarticular pathologies, etc.) were the most frequent cases.

A distribution of food immediately followed the consultations.

The medical team after taking care of the patients of Mile 40, went to the orphanage * MOTHER'S HOUSE ORPHANAGE * to take care of the residents who are there. 08 patients were evaluated and treated, including 03 special cases:

- * OKWA ZEBENU * 17 years old, presumed bilateral blindness secondary to bilateral cataract.

- * MALO SOUVENIR * 12-year-old girl with bilateral blindness of congenital origin.

- * NKENG Stella *, a 17-year-old girl with paralysis of the lower limbs caused by a neurological pathology presented at the age of 02 years. Sick sentenced to live on the spot for lack of means of travel (Wheelchair).

We took advantage of this opportunity to replenish the orphanage's pharmacy box that was almost empty and we brought them food.

All in all, Mile 40 populations, previously in favor of SDS, appreciated our actions. This action has strengthened the ties between the two parties and motivated these people more to get rid of secessionist ideologies advocated by separatist terrorists.

Source: Cameroonian Army