Saturday, October 19, 2019

Behinds Michèle Ndoki's trip to Paris

On  Thursday night, Michèle Ndoki has quietly taken a flight to Europe specifically to the city of Paris.

A discretion that did not prevent several Cameroonians from approaching him; whether for a signature, a word or a photo.

Until now, nothing new. Indeed, since her participation on the constitutional council, the lawyer and executive of the MRC has enjoyed unprecedented popularity among many Cameroonians.

However, a subject deserves to be put on the table. What is Michèle Ndoki doing in Europe less than a month after her release from prison? Is this discreet arrival political?

Indeed, many observers have long pointed to the lack of visible international support from the MRC. While members of the political party have spent several months in jail, analysts believe that the shy reactions of foreign powers are due to the lack of this support. From there to think that the arrival of the lawyer is order to open to new partnerships there is only one step.

In addition, Maître Dupont Moretti who defended the MRC militants has its habits in the city of Paris where these offices are located. One can imagine that the famous French lawyer will take advantage of this trip to meet the lawyer and discuss future strategies. The president of the Cameroonian political party made it a point of honor to get out of prison the activists who took part in the white march. The upcoming releases of the communication unit of the MRC will surely teach us more.

Meanwhile, Cameroonians from the diaspora supporters of the MRC enjoy the stay of their political heroine.