Sunday, October 27, 2019

Before his Death, Patrick Ekema reported to have received 500 million from the regime to finance militia in Buea

Patrick Ekema, the controversial mayor of Buea, member of the CPDM, passed from life to death on 27 October. From his top post in Fako County, he spent most of his last years "countering secessionists in Buea, the mayor would have died in a Buea hospital surrounded by his family." 

The Anglophone group Cameroon Concord News Group had even predicts that Ekema will die in 2020. Patrick Ekema has dozens of criminal charges ranging from corruption to fraud to criminal conspiracy after a corruption investigation before the admission committee of the University of Buea.

According to some sources, he has received more than 500 million FCFA from the Biya regime to help sponsor armed militias in Buea and Muea and has been described as a man full of contradictions.