Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Bafoussam Landslide: Maurice Kamto puts the blame on the Biya regime

The President of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC) has commented on the tragedy that struck the Gouache district, in the 3rd district of the city of Bafoussam, Western region.

In a statement issued by his spokesman, Maurice Kamto, expressing his condolences to the families, reminds that this umpteenth disaster occurs as a result of an archeology of anarchic urbanization of our cities.  37 years of people holding unchallenged ".

Moreover, the candidate ranked second in the last presidential election argues that "this is also one of the palpable tragic consequences of failed decentralization, particularly with the appointment of government members, because they do not hold their powers over the population, do not care  much in the implementation of local development policies.

Below, the entirety of this output:

Elected President Maurice KAMTO, learned with dismay this morning when he awoke the news of the landslide that occurred on the night of 28 to 29 October 2019 around 22 hours in the city of Bafoussam district NGOUACHE IV block 6 He immediately dispatched one of the RCM's in  the Western Region to the scene.  According to the report drawn up by the latter, there are at present several dozen of dead, nearly fifty missing persons, and ten or so buried houses.

Pending the sending of a delegation from the National Directory of the MRC, the President Elected presents to the families so severely tested and the people of the city of Bafoussam his sincere condolences and those of all the militants and sympathizers of the MRC, to which he  associates the expression of his deep compassion.

The Elected President recalls that this umpteenth disaster comes as a result of many other similar that are essentially the result of anarchic urbanization of our cities due to the resignation for at least 37 years of people holding unchallenged or even illegitimately, the authorities  state and municipal.

This is also one of the tragic tragic consequences of a failed decentralization, particularly with the appointment of the government delegates who, because they do not take their powers from the people, do not care much in the implementation of development policies.  local.

The President-elect therefore emphasizes more than ever the urgency of establishing local governance based on true local democracy, allowing people to freely choose their leaders at all levels, and the chosen leaders to know that they  must be accountable to the people they are called to serve.