Sunday, October 6, 2019

AYAFOR FLORENCE'S death, Atanga Nji named in a new scandal

By Michel Biem Tong, web journalist in exile

For a few days circulate on social networks, images of a naked young lady, carried hundreds of meters by young people, cut like game and beheaded. The scene takes place in Pinying, a village north of the Southern Cameroons, and the lady in question is called Florence Ayafor, a prison guard in Bamenda. This video is simply appalling and these atrocities to be condemned with the utmost energy regardless of the author or the perpetrators.

What is curious in this case is that while no English-speaking separatist movement has claimed such an act, whereas no virtual platform of support for the separatist cause has spread this unbearable image, it is a certain Nkonda Titus, a counterrevolutionary activist close to the power of Yaounde known by the small name of Ma Kontri Pipo Dem (MKPD), who holds the primeur of the detention and distribution of this video.

Simple common sense questions: Is it possible for separatist armed groups to lash back their brothers (who are their backers) in the diaspora by disseminating such images that could threaten the international community and even the local population who support them against them? NO. Is it conceivable, in case they risk such a barbarity, that they film the latter and send it to an activist who is against them? NO. How MKPD, anti-Ambazonian, managed to get images of the atrocities committed by the armed separatists against whom he leads his crusade?

No need to search for lunch at 14h. If MKPD is the one who holds the primeur of the detention and the diffusion of the images of the mutilation of the body of this lady, it is because it is linked to the terrorist militias which sow terror in English-speaking Cameroon and who have committed this villainous crime. According to information obtained from reliable sources, MKPD, a native of northern Southern Cameroons and a soldier in the British navy, is working in connection with a gang of thugs called Anti-Amba Squad (AAS) who kidnap against ransoms, who kill, decapitate, film horrific scenes and send him videos for publication on his platforms Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, YouTube, etc.

Titus and a certain Roland Mua, Atanga Nji's right hand man, Minister of Territorial Administration and Intelligence Officer, who murdered Ayafor Florence, mutilated her body, beheaded her, filmed the horrible scene and published it on social networks. The objective, in full national dialogue, was to make armed separatist groups in the eyes of international opinion for terrorist organizations while they are in harmony with local populations.

One way to say to the Western countries: "not only do they refuse to respond to invitations to take part in the dialogue, but they also engage in terrorist activities". To blur the tracks that lead to him, this MKPD quotes a certain Roger Asobo as one of the perpetrators of this villainous crime and who would be Ambazonians Defense Forces (ADF). It's wondering how does MKPD know he's an ADF fighter if he's not a member of his gang? The latest news is that he is the son of the traditional chief of the village Pinying.

This terrorist militia close to the power of Yaounde under the leadership of MKPD is not at its first stroke. It also depicts some acts of torture on civilians as recently observed with the burial of a young girl in Guzang on September 16, 2019, until our investigations reveal that it was a rude montage aimed at discrediting armed separatist groups. The ADF had once again been accused by MKPD of having buried this living girl. However, the latter was present at the Palais des Congrès in Yaoundé during the major national dialogue on the Anglophone crisis which ended on 4 October.

Recall that the horrible scene took place in Pinying, not far from where about thirty young people were summarily executed on May 25, 2018 by the professional killers of the Yaoundé regime. It was a group of young people trained by the local elite to kidnap ransoms by masquerading as English-speaking separatist groups. It is because these groups of young people started to make gaffes in the village that the Yaoundé government ordered that they be physically liquidated. Atanga Nji was implicated in this massacre by local people.

Source: Michel Biem Tong