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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Assassination of Florence Ayafor: New details revealed, the bosses of the secret services must answer

The cowardly assassination of prison warden Florence Ayafor on September 29 (the day before the opening of the national dialogue in Yaoundé) has not only sponsors and implementers, but also facilitators who are neither more nor less that the secret services Cameroon. Among the intelligence services that must respond in the first place are the Military Security Division (Semil) of the Ministry of Defense and the General Delegation of External Research (Dgre).

Indeed, if the British Navy soldier and anti-revolutionary English-speaking activist Ma Kontri Pipo Dem made public on September 30, 2019 (a few hours after the commission of the crime on September 29) on his propaganda site all the information on the name of the victim (Florence Ayafor), the village where she is from (Awing), her profession (prison guard in Bamenda), the circumstances of her abduction (she was returning from mourning to Pinying), this means that the Cameroonian intelligence services transmitted all these details to my Kontri Pipo Dem a few days or hours before the fatal blow.

All these details about the victim that Nkonda Titus Aghen aka Ma Kontri Pipo Dem held a few hours before his murder, mutilation and beheading filmed and broadcast is evidence that Florence Ayafor was the subject of a spinning day. As a reminder, Florence Ayafor was labeled as a sympathizer of the separatist cause because of her attention and kindness to the detainees in Bamenda prison arrested on suspicion of being activists of the separatist cause.

The head of the General Delegation for External Research (DGRE), Maxime Eko Eko and especially the commander of the Semil, the rogue colonel and assassin Emile Joel Bamkoui (since we are in a context of war), should be on the bench defendants in order to say what kind of collaboration the intelligence services for which they are responsible provide Ma Kontri Pipo Dem.

A veritable laboratory for crime and torture, Military Security plays a very important role in the counterrevolutionary strategy put in place by the Yaoundé government to contain the English-speaking separatist armed groups. When, on October 23, 2018, the demon with the colonel's braid leading this thing made me audition quite arbitrarily by one of the henchmen, I learned from an agent of the Semil that "we have put in place a strategy to divide armed separatist groups, "he told me then that day.

And if the emergence of militia and other groups of soldiers disguised as Amba Boys to kidnap against ransoms, kill, decapitate, etc. participated in this "division". And if the collaboration between the Semil, the DGRE and Ma Kontri Pipo Dem also participated. Recall that the current Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji, whose name is cited as one of the sponsors of this heinous crime, is also secretary of the National Security Council, in charge of centralizing intelligence. This is proof that the Cameroonian intelligence services played a big role in the commission of this serious crime against humanity.

Reporter: Michel Biem Tong