Sunday, October 6, 2019

Asecna threatens to suspend the services of Camair-Co eyeing Airbus

 While Asecna threatens to suspend the services of the national airline, Camair-Co eyeing Airbus to densify its fleet.

 The national airline, Camair-Co is like an air flight.  It alternates between a cloudless sky and a zone of turbulence.  Indeed, while the Agency for the Safety of Air Navigation in Africa and Madagascar (Asecna) is very embarrassed by Camair-Co, it even threatens to suspend air navigation services for the benefit of Camair-Co until full payment of arrears of more than 107  million FCFA, the top leads him discussions with Airbus to densify its fleet.  Indeed, it is reported that Asecna has requested, since September 10, 2019, the Cameroonian airline to settle the arrears of its fees amounting to 100.390 million FCFA, no later than 13 September 2019, on the breadth of suspension of air navigation services, the same  day from midnight.  Only, the Asecna notes that the prescribing payment periods are greater exceeded.  As of September 23, Camair-Co made no payment.  But in addition, the amount of its debt continues to grow to more than 107 million FCFA.  In the internal services of the Agency, the amount of this slate of Camair-Co recalls the years 2013-2014 during which, the recovery of the debt had been impossible.

 From the foregoing, an official within the debt, an official within the scope of this policy, is "desirable to instruct the competent services to suspend air navigation services for the benefit of the company Camair -Co until full payment of these arrears.  At Camair-Co, there is little talk on this slate, but a source confesses that "in any case, we have debts everywhere." Curiously during this time, on September 25, the Airbus A220 aircraft assembly plant in Montreal, Canada, received  It is Jean Ernest Ngallé Bibéhé, the Minister of Transport, also PCA of Camair Co and Louis Georges Njipenji Kouotou, the director general, according to some sources, these two leaders of the top management of Camair-Co should continue  with the officials of Airbus, after the visit of the assembly plant of Montreal, in order to reach a lease or purchase from the European manufacturer.

 After American Boeing, the Camair-Co could actually turn to Airbus.  Its fleet would become one of the most diverse on the continent.  With aircraft from Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Avic International (MA 60) and more recently Embraer, the Brazilian manufacturer.

 Indeed, the company has 06 aircraft in its air fleet.  In particular, a Boeing 767-300 ER 'The Dja' with a configuration of 30 business seats and 180 seats in economy class belonging to Camair-Co, two Boeing 737-700 with a configuration of 12 business seats and 116 seats in economy class  .  Used in leasing on departure, now owned by the company since April 19, 2017;  two MA60 'The Mantung' & 'The Logone' with a configuration of 45 seats;  a Q400 with a configuration of 78 seats.