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Monday, October 28, 2019

As Biya prepares for France trip in November, the diaspora in Paris heavely warming up, waiting for Paul Biya

Two weeks after the confrontation in Lyon between the Cameroonian anti-Biya activists of the diaspora and supporters of the Cameroonian president backed by the French police, the former student leader and opponent in exile Waffo Wanto, aka "General Wanto" rose to the crenel to give the position of Cameroonians from abroad and announce the next large-scale actions. 

In a statement made Thursday in Paris as a prelude to a demonstration that will take place on November 9 in the French capital, the opponent Waffo Wanto has claimed that Paul Biya remains and remains an undesirable in the West, especially in France, where a mega is preparing - demonstration to denounce the perpetuation of crime as a method of government in Cameroon, and the support of France to one of the worst dictatorships that still exists in Africa. 

At the time of the rendering of the accounts 

Diaspora activists who were attacked and seriously injured on 10 October in Lyon by the presidential guard of President Paul Biya, as well as Calibri Calibro, victim of an assassination attempt on the same occasion, received the tributes of the President of the Council of Cameroonians in the Diaspora, who reassured them that legal proceedings were currently being brought against their executioners. 

In the widely circulated video about social networks, "General" wafo Wanto denounced the barbarity shown by supporters of Biya with the support not only of the French police, but also ribbons in the pay of the regime that indiscretions say they were recruited from among the elements of the anti-terrorist units of the Cameroonian police and army disguised as "patriots", to be transported to France, in order to defeat - in all savagery - the sabotage of Paul Biya's stay in Lyon by the Anti-Sardinards Brigade (BAS).

A real inclusive national dialogue or nothing 

Speaking of the situation in Cameroon where the "Great National Dialogue" has obviously not arranged anything, Waffo wanto reiterated the long-term requirements formulated as conditions for the normalization of the socio-political situation in Cameroon. Among other conditions, there is the release of political prisoners like the 1st Vice-President of the MRC, Mamadou Mota, as well as prisoners of the Anglophone crisis, and the organization, if not a real inclusive national dialogue to which the regime in place in Cameroon has so far refused, at least the convening of a National Conference for Peace and Reconciliation. 

He also expressed his incomprehension for the participation of President Biya in the next forum on peace in mid-November in Paris, because according to him, the regime in place in Cameroon shines by its genocidal behavior vis-à-vis the citizens of Anglo-Saxon expression. 

In a way, the event announced for November 9 should participate in the denunciation of this "sham" there.