Monday, October 28, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: the unwelcome ideas of the Switzerland

This was one of the issues addressed by the Union of the Populations of Cameroon, during a press conference led by the Secretary General of the UPC, the Honorable Bapooh Lipot, alongside his staff, October 18, 2019 at the Hotel of Deputies in Yaoundé. 

The Union of the Populations of Cameroon (UPC) remains faithful to the institutional values ​​of peace, dialogue and stability of Cameroon. It is unacceptable, if not impossible, for foreign powers to interfere in the political problems of a nation. It is in these terms that Robert Bapooh Lipot was speaking during a press conference, held at the Yaoundé Hotel of Deputies. For proof this is what justifies the presence of "some satellites operating in our society under the camisole of political leaders, leaders of the civil society, journalists". 

For this purpose, the UPC denounced the shenanigans of foreign powers during this meeting and called for the respect of the recommendations of the great national dialogue. Today, some foreign powers want to interfere by all means in the management of the crisis in the North West and South West regions. The Union of the Populations of Cameroon which supports from the first day, the initiative of the chief of the State, condemns their interference with the last energy. "Our indignation is all the greater as we find a relentlessness like no other on the institutions of the republic and those who embody them," says the SG of UPc. For the party, the powers that want to help Cameroon to solve the English crisis are only for the sole purpose of "grabbing" Cameroon's heritage. 

"However, they do not falter as evidenced by the latest releases of mediapart to undermine the pride of the Cameroonian people that represent the BIR and the Cameroonian Armed Forces in general disguises of" international mediators "Switzerland, who self-proclaimed spokesperson Ambaboys. The great checkered flag of economic fascism and the business of the fratricidal wars in Africa wants to deploy at all costs on Cameroonian soil, "he said.

The Ucc invites the Cameroonian people to vigilance, restraint and calm. Certain Cameroonian opposition to definitively intimate the page of the insurrectional logic and to register its action under the premiums of the modernity and the scrupulous respect of the Republican Institutions. Because according to the members of the bureau, the Great National Dialogue is an opportunity for all the Sons and Daughters of this Nation to resolve serenely and in all sovereignty, the problems related to the legitimate aspirations of our people. 

The SG welcomed the decision of the President of the Republic to convene a major national dialogue to enable Cameroonians to find sovereign solutions to the various crises observed today in Cameroon. Just as they call for the total mobilization of all party activists and supporters in order to safeguard the achievements of the legislative and municipal elections of 2013 while ensuring the improvement of the result of the historic party in the next elections. 

In addition to the management of the crisis in the North-West and South-West regions, the interference of foreign powers, the UPC office calls on the people to respect the recommendations of the grand national dialogue.

Source: Equation 338