Monday, October 14, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: Ayuk Tabe highly disappointed by Cardinal Tumi

Cardinal Tumi is not doing enough to solve the English crisis, says Ayuk Tabe very disappointed by the prelate in the interview with JeuneAfrique.

The Ambazonian leader finds that the man of God has the power to influence the major decisions of the Biya regime that do not affect the Cameroonian nation. Comparing him to bishops including South African Desmond Tutu and others from Nigeria, Central Africa, Sisiku Ayuk believes that the Cardinal does not matter. And yet according to Ayuk, these fellow bishops are "living examples of religious leaders who have championed socio-political change in their country."

He nevertheless recognized the prelate's merits. "The Christian Cardinal Tumi is a respected religious leader, endowed with an independent spirit and the right to his opinion. As a man of God, he is supposed to use his God-given power and position to defend the truth and the oppressed. "

But since the prison of Kondengui, he warns him "if, like everyone else, he chooses not to write his name in time, he will be held responsible."

The Cardinal still tried to organize the English-speaking conference He has been working in English-speaking areas for the last three years, but he did not get the green light from Paul Biya, who did not give him an audience despite the many requests. "I asked for an audience to meet him, to propose this meeting. But he did not want to receive me, "said Ayuk Tabe at the time.

Finally, the Cameroonian president convened the national dialogue in which Tumi participated as chairman of the commission that deals with the return of refugees and internally displaced persons. But at the end of this meeting, the prelate said: "It seems that the president does not have the power to make decisions".