Monday, October 21, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: Amba fighters reportedly slice the head of a police officer in Bamenda

An abject crime. It would have been the work of the separatists. The horrible crime took place in the city of Bamenda. A police officer was horribly killed. He was beheaded.

The body of police officer Paul Wane was found, his head separated from the body.  The macabre discovery took place this Sunday, October 20 in Bamenda. It is indeed the main city of the North West region of Cameroon.

It was at the police station of the 3rd district of Bamenda that the victim was on duty.  Authorized sources indicate that the atrocious murder of this officer took place on the evening of Sunday, October 20th.  And he would thus bear the signature of the separatists. These are known to commit such barbarities.

The execution of this policeman reminds us of another crime. Indeed Florence Ayafor, prison guard in Bamenda, savagely killed twenty days ago. This crime isunclear. But secessionist fighters are accused of being perpetrators.

To shed light on the Ayafor affair, his family has decided to file a complaint. This procedure should actually help to change the investigation.