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Monday, October 28, 2019

Ambazonia: this is the reason why people are afraid to collaborate with the authorities

This is among other things the lack of protection on the part of the authorities. We also note, the murders

In the English-speaking regions of Cameroon, it is not the great symbiosis between population and authorities. There is great mistrust between the two entities of the nation. What can be the cause of disaster? The newspaper of Sévérin Tchoumkeu in Newsstand on October 23, 2019 gives some tracks on the subject. 

This is among other things the lack of protection on the part of the authorities. We also note the atrocious murders of those who speak out against armed groups. Subsequently, the absence or lack of instant reaction of law enforcement in case of emergency. And finally, the leakage of information at the level of security services. 

Fear in the soul 

For the newspaper, these reasons are justified. Notably by the events taking place in recent days in the two English-speaking regions. But also by the testimonies of the inhabitants. The New Expression takes as an example the assassination of two leaders of a self-defense group.

This is "the name Kwenti Aka commonly called Scorpion and his deputy named Solo ...". Can we read in the newspaper. There is also the killing of a separatist ex-combatant named Polycarpe Ikom Bah. The newspaper does not lose sight of the beheaded body of the prison warden. 

Disturbing Testimony 

This is the name Florence Ayafor. Just recently the death of first-rate officer Nwaha Paul Vawahat. 

"Ambas boys have informants everywhere ... We prefer to negotiate than to involve the police. We do not trust them at all. Because, the information that we give them, the ambas always end up unmasking us ". Entrusted to the Diary, a taxi driver from Bamenda.