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Monday, October 28, 2019

All you need to knowl about the visit of Yaoundé4 Mayor to Brazil

At the head of a strong delegation, the mayor Regine Amougou Noma was in Brazil between 17 and 24 October 2019. She signed with the city of Limeira two conventions that will support the mayor of Yaounde 4 in its plan to modernize social infrastructure.

On October 17th, signing of the first financing agreement with TACE Trading for the construction of a communal center for the development of fish farming in Yaounde 4 for an amount of 168,000,000 CFA Francs.

The center will have the following facilities: recreational areas and games for children and adults, an administrative building, a factory and a building for youth training.

It should also be noted that this project will generate hundreds of direct and indirect jobs for the youth of Yaounde 4.

After the signing of the agreement, Régine Amougou Noma and her suite visited the municipal health center and nursery in the city of Limeira.  The visit ended with the signing of a partnership contract between the city of Limeira in Brazil and the Yaounde 4 commune.  Mayor Amougou Noma and her entourage returned to Yaounde last Saturday, happy to have very good relations with the common Brazilian.

Source: Realities Plus.  No. 0080