Tuesday, October 29, 2019

After his death, this is the legacy left behind by Patrick Ekema

Patrick Ekema, mayor of the city of Buea, the regional capital of Sud-Ouest, died Sunday, October 27, 2019 in a clinic in Douala. Known for his influence and shock statements, he was a fierce fighter of English-speaking separatists in the locality. 

A powerful ally of Yaoundé's power has left the scene. Patrick Ekema, mayor of the city of Buea decided Sunday, represented by himself the shield of the government in the furnace of Buea. Over the past four years, he has become a major player in the resorption of the crisis that has rocked the English-speaking regions of Cameroon since the end of 2016. As mayor, he thwarted pro-independence projects in the metropolis he administered. 

The influential 46-year-old mayor was notably operating against the dead-end slogans imposed by the separatists. One of his methods was, for example, to seal the shops of all those who refused to open shop by adherence to these slogans.

"One thing that goes beyond me because I do not know how to continue working without him. He was like the baobab here in Bua and everyone knows" said the general secretary of the commune of Buea. "Coming here to the office, I find that the judicial officer is sealing the office. It is at this moment that I have been convinced that it is finished; that my boss is no longer there" laments one of the close collaborators of the deceased. 

In the same way, Patrick Ekema provided taxis to the city when, for fear of reprisals, taximen refrained from driving. He had become the number 1 public enemy of the separatists who had made it a target. So much so that he lived in a state of overprotection in his residence in Buea. In September 2017, his residence was even the subject of a violent attack and many of his property had been ransacked. 

Recall that it was in October 2013 that Patrick Ekema was brought to the head of the municipality of Bua. During his tenure, he was awarded several honorary titles, among them that of "Nyamoto Patolo" which was awarded to him by the Fulani of the South and whose meaning is "Great warrior".

Source: ecomatin.net