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Monday, October 21, 2019

A snake " spirit" that caused the collapse of Bafang-Bandja stretch finally caught by strong wizards as two of the snakes escaped

The surrealist scene occurred this Sunday morning at a place called Batcho between Bandja and Bafang.

Following an advanced degradation visible for several months, the road has finally yielded and bitumen cut in two this Friday. The populations of two affected villages have embarked on occult practices to identify the real cause of the phenomenon.

CameroonWeb offers the testimony of Fabrice Fokou 

This Sunday morning at a place called Batcho between Bandja and Bafang, precisely where the National Highway No. 5 has cut. A bizarre spectacle is offered to users of this section between Bafang and the capital of the western region of Bafoussam.

The Chinese engineers who came to see the situation can not work. For good reason, a team of wizards from the two villages whose natural border between them is exactly where the two buoys that served a few days ago bridge have dropped under the weight of age and age. wear leaving the pavement collapsing.

The people gathered to attend the boa hunt, which wizards have named as the cause of the collapse.

When I arrived at the scene, the atmosphere is electric, the tension is palpable in the crowd, a smell like that of burnt pepper mixed in the rather heavy air this Sunday. People cough their eyes tearing, so the products used for loud incantations are so stifled.

At one point two wizards come out of the water with a horned snake, it is one of the three reptiles that are causing the problems that undermine the two villages. Two others escaped.

An old canary containing evil objects is also extracted under youyous from a crowd in a trance, I'll have to leave the premises, scare it at the same time I loop this little report by leaving you to judge yourselves of the nature of this thing.

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